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Michelleslie is very dedicated and friendly, she makes me feel 
comfortable and friendly.  She is the kind of person you remember.
​I thank her for her dedication to others

Peace of Mind

Catering to Your Loved Ones Comfort & Security

Michelleslie is patient and helpful.  Its nice to have someone like 
her visit every week.  I look forward to Michelleslie visiting me.                                     

Delores N.

   Frank D.

Facilities include:

  • hospitals
  • assisted living
  • nursing homes
  • rehabilitation centers
  • any care facility

Serving Hunterdon County

and surrounding areas of Somerset, Mercer and Warren counties.

Visitation Care Service



If you find you just cannot balance your needs with your parents or loved one, consider a Visitation Care Specialist to Relieve the Stress and Restore your 
Peace of Mind.